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NextGen is the top Oil Filtration Services provider serving Gary, Indiana. If you rely on oil to keep your industrial machining running, don’t throw away your oil! Have you considered oil reclamation services to bring your oil back to its original performance standards? With our oil filtration services we can filter out contaminants such as dirt and metal particles. We offer both onsite oil filtration services in Chicago, as well as offsite oil filtration services. Does oil filtration make sense for you? At NextGen Services, we’re here to help you find the right solution for your needs.

What’s the most common contaminant in industrial fluids and oils? Water! If you’re looking for oil dehydration companies that serve the Gary area, you’ve found the right company. Our industrial oil dehydration service can help you extract any harmful water and particulates that are present in your industrial oil. Water contamination in fluids is a leading cause of excessive machine wear and premature failure. 

Regular monitoring and performance checks of key industrial oils and fluids helps to prevent and/or mitigate potential problems. Your productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction depend on uninterrupted equipment operation. With our fluid monitoring service, we work with you to both select and monitor the right fluids for your application, and then control contamination. You can rest easy while knowing the state of your oil at regular, set intervals. We provide fluid monitoring services for all of the Gary area including Black Oak, Hammond, Merrillville and Hobart. 

Are you looking for confined space tank cleaning in Gary? We can help. Regular tank cleaning is critical for the overall health of your industrial equipment. Why? Even with filtration in place, there are still contaminants that accumulate in the bottoms of tanks. A few contaminants in your industrial tanks can include bacteria, fungi, sludge and other foreign materials. If you overlook your reservoirs during the filtration process, you’re going to reintroduce contaminants into your system. When it comes to dealing with the buildup of contaminants in your reservoirs, it’s important to use a company that has the experience to deliver. We’re available across the Gary area.

If you’re looking for a team of experts for your Chicago business who knows and understands industrial fluids and lubricants, we’re standing by ready to help guide you to the right outcome for your specific needs. Our technical consultants have an in-depth understanding of lubrication applications and chemical properties, which allows us to help you get the maximum value and performance out of your investment. When you choose NextGen Services, you can be confident that you’re partnering with a company whose primary goal is your complete satisfaction.

Increase the life of your manufacturing equipment and your lubricants with our fluid maintenance services including oil filtration and oil dehydration services.

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Looking For Oil Reclamation Services in Gary, Indiana? We Can Save You 40%-60% of The Cost Versus New Oil

Onsite Oil Reclamation Services in Gary, Indiana

Would you like to decrease your oil purchases, lower disposal expenses, and lower environmental exposure and liability? With oil reclamation services from NextGen Services, you’ve got a better option than disposing of your old oil and buying new. 

Gary is home to a wide range of manufacturing companies. With industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace, these companies depend on industrial equipment every day. For companies that rely heavily on machinery, keeping the oil clean is critical.

If your Gary-area business relies on industrial machines or equipment you already know that good, clean oil is their lifeblood. Our oil filtration process reduces the contaminants and particles that pose potentially lethal risks to your industrial equipment. Clean oil leads to cleaner processes, a more reliable operation, and prolongs the life of your equipment. 

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Gary Oil Filtration Services

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Have questions about specific lubricants for your application or wondering if oil filtrations makes sense for your Gary, Indiana-area company? lubrication application consulting is what we do!

Gary Fluid Reclamation Equipment Rental

Want to preserve your working capital? With our fluid reclamation rental equipment, you can shift the capital expense to an operating expense, and free up your funds.

With our fleet of fluid reclamation rental equipment, you’ll be able to manage your fluids, maximize your equipment investment, reduce expenses, and minimize downtime.

Our oil and fuel purification rental equipment is well maintained, and among the most advanced equipment available for rent in the Gary, Indiana area.

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