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Oil Analysis

Offering Oil Analysis Services / Fluid Testing Services

What is Oil Analysis?

Using cutting edge software, equipment and industry experience, oil analysis is an affordable, yet very effective way to monitor the condition of your oils and equipment. The lack of proper lubricating properties could be costing you. At risk is running equipment with bad oil/fluids, which contributes to premature failure – Oils that no longer fall within acceptable tolerances and lacking the correct lubricating properties. We can help eliminate that uncertainty

Benefits of oil analysis

With Next Gen’s oil analysis services you’ve not only got the ability to know the condition of your lubricants but also get a look at possible machine wear to take action before failure strikes. Thinking about each stage of the life of oils, beginning from blending, packaging, shipping, storage, transfer, and use, contamination is an ongoing threat to your oils and your equipment. With this knowledge, you’ll now have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is operating at peak performance with proper lubricants. In addition here are a few additional benefits that companies recognize as a result of our oil analysis services:


With the knowledge you'll receive from our oil analysis services, you'll be better prepared to determine the usable life of your oils.

Improved Management

Information captured from your oil analysis will allow you to create oil change intervals based on actual data, rather than guesswork or general guidelines.

Increased Uptime

Oil analysis is going to provide you with early warning signals, which can prevent unplanned downtime or equipment failure.

When is a good time for oil analysis?

Upon delivery! The risk of contamination begins before your oils even arrive. Blending, packaging, shipping and storage are all opportunities for contaminants to find their way into your oil…..before it’s even put into production! We recommend an up-front oil analysis to 1. Obtain a reference sample (to measure against), and 2. Ensure your new fluids and lubricants are contaminant free.