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Oil Filtration Services

Oil Filtration

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Save the cost of unplanned downtime, premature component failure and lubricant replacement with our oil filtration services. Next Generation Services offers on and off-site oil filtration services for your petroleum products.  

What Is Oil Filtration?

With the strict cleanliness requirements of today’s machinery components, the cleanliness of your oil is paramount to smooth operation. 80% of mechanical wear is caused by particulate contamination in oil. We can prevent this! With both on-site and off-site testing equipment, Next Generation Services is able to help you get the most from your oils.

Why Oil Filtration?

With our oil filtration services we can help extend the life of your equipment, increase your uptime and improve equipment reliability. We’ll also help you maximize your investment in oils and lubricants by extending their useful life, and saving on the cost of replacing your expensive oils. 

How Does My Oil Become Contaminated?

Oil Filtration Services

Our oil filtration services are ideal for any industry reliant on fluids and oils including: Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Extrusion, Chemical Processing, Steel, Metal Stamping, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Metal Working, Heat Treating, and more!

Looking For Onsite Oil Filtration Services?

As a complement to our oil reclamation services, we’re able to respond to your emergency oil filtration or water removal needs. Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll be able to maintain operations (no downtime during dialysis) and keep your production running.


Don’t throw out that oil! There’s another option. The cost savings alone is one of the most common reasons companies choose fluid filtration services rather than simply replacing their expensive oils. That in itself is a great benefit. However, there are many other benefits to oil filtering services from Next Gen Services. Here are a few…

Increased Reliability

Proper oil filtration reduces equipment downtime due to component failure.

Oil Cost Savings

Why dispose of your old oil and buy new when the oil you already have can be made suitable for reuse at a fraction of the cost?

Maintenance Cost Savings

Clean oil ensures top performance, guards against costly breakdowns, decreases the chance of catastrophic equipment failure, and helps extend equipment life.

Improved Productivity

Accuracy and efficiency are important to any business. Clean oil leads to more accurate and efficient equipment performance resulting in higher output and less scrap product.

Environmental Protection

Reduce your environmental impact by reclaiming your oil. "Saving you money today for a greener tomorrow!"

Let’s face it. Even the most pristine environments are impacted by oil contaminants. Water, dirt and wear particles all act as a catalyst to alter the chemistry (and performance) of your oils. These include hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, gear oils, turbine oils, transformer oils and many other oils being used on a day to day basis. 

You’ve got a couple of options when it comes to contaminated oil. Option one is an oil changeout. Draining and replacing your oil. We think there’s a better option. Reach out to Next Gen Services and learn how you can better manage your oil and save money while doing it!

Ready To Better Manage Your Oil?

(And Save Money?)

Whether you have an immediate issue that needs addressing, or you simply want to start saving money by better managing your oil, we’re here with the expertise and equipment to help!