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For many companies, oil and fluids are the lifeblood for their day to day productivity (and production). With fluid reclamation services from Next Gen Services, we can help to reduce your costly new lubricant purchases, and increase your equipment uptime.  In addition, fluid reclamation is great for our environment, reducing the amount of oil and fluids being disposed of and aligning with your ISO 14001 goals. 

In short, if you’ve got oil based lubricants, it’s cheaper, more efficient, and better for the environment to purify and reclaim that oil, than it is to dispose of and purchase new oil. Done properly, and before your oil degradation has gone too far, we’re able to restore the properties of your oil to make them suitable for continued use.

Moisture In Your Fluids? We Can Help!

Moisture is all around us. This includes your oil and fluids. Too much water in your oil and fluids makes them unusable. With a variety of equipment and experience, we can help provide a solution to extend the life of your oil and critical machine components. 

Why does Oil Degrade?

In the presence of water and air, your oils are being degraded by chemical reactions (oxidation), and this reaction is accelerated by heat. Oxidation is the primary cause for oil aging, and it’s unavoidable. Other factors that affect the performance of your oils:

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Our oil reclamation services are ideal for any industry reliant on fluids and oils: Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace, Steel, Metal Stamping, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Metal Working, Heat Treating, and more!

Looking For Onsite Oil Reclamation Services?

Using our advanced technology we’re able to provide both onsite and offsite oil filtration, water removal, chemical flushes, high velocity flushes and oil degassing.. With one of our Mobile Reclamation Units (MRUs), we’ll provide fluid reclamation services at your facility. 

We also offer ongoing oil analysis as a service to help you better manage your oils and maintain your equipment.

Oil can degrade and no longer protect your equipment in the way it was originally designed to do so. Oxidation takes place over time and is the reaction of oil molecules and oxygen molecules. This process is expedited by high temperatures, contaminates and the presence of water. These factors can increase viscosity, form sludge, varnish and contaminates. With oxidation being the leading cause for oil aging, keeping your lubricants clean, cool and dry will help extend the life of your oils. Our oil reclamation services are ideal for anyone reliant on industrial fluids and oils including…


Don’t throw out that oil! There’s another option. The cost savings alone is one of the most common reasons companies choose fluid reclamation services rather than simply replacing their oils. That in itself is a great benefit. However, there are many other benefits to oil reclamation services from Next Gen Services. Here are a few…

Increased Reliability

Proper oil filtration reduces equipment downtime due to component failure.

Oil Cost Savings

Why dispose of your old oil and buy new when the oil you already have can be made suitable for reuse at a fraction of the cost?

Maintenance Cost Savings

Clean oil ensures top performance, guards against costly breakdowns, decreases the chance of catastrophic equipment failure, and helps extend equipment life.

Improved Productivity

Accuracy and efficiency are important to any business. Clean oil leads to more accurate and efficient equipment performance resulting in higher output and less scrap product.

Environmental Protection

Reduce your environmental impact by reclaiming your oil. "Saving you money today for a greener tomorrow!"

Let’s face it. Even the most pristine environments are impacted by oil contaminants. Water, bacteria, dirt, metal particles and oxidation will all alter the chemistry (and performance) of your oils. These include hydraulic fluids, cutting oils, gear oils, turbine oils, transformer oils and many other oils being used on a day to day basis. 

You’ve got a couple of options when it comes to contaminated oil. Option one is an oil changeout. Draining and replacing your oil. We think there’s a better option. Reach out to Next Gen Services and learn how you can better manage your oil and save money while doing it!

Ready To Better Manage Your Oil?

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Whether you have an immediate issue that needs addressing, or you simply want to start saving money by better managing your oil, we’re here with the expertise and equipment to help!