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Oil Reclamation Vs. Oil Recycling?

Is there A Difference? Yes.

While they’re related, oil reclamation and oil recycling are NOT the same. 

Oil Recycling

In simple terms, recycling is the process of breaking down and reusing. With oils, that means putting used oil back into service with a different formulation than original. Recycled oil can be re-refined as a new oil or lubricant, or used as fuel oils, such as industrial burner oil, for example.

When you choose to recycle your oil, you're then in a position of needing to purchase new oil.

Oil Reclamation

Oil reclamation involves recovering or reclaiming your oil from normal degradation, bringing it back to life for its original intended use. In this process the product is not refined or repurposed as a fuel which is often the case with oil recycling. With oil reclamation, you can maximize your investment in fluids and oils by making them last longer, and encounter fewer oil change-outs.

Oil Reclamation Vs. Oil Recycling

Oil reclamation involves recovering the oil from your normal process, performing oil analysis on the product to determine its eligibility, followed by making the product suitable for reuse at your facility.

It’s not uncommon that people equate oil recycling with oil reclamation. While both are processes used to address used or contaminated oil, they are significantly different from each other. With oil reclamation services from Next Gen Services we can help you return your oils and fluids back to their original intended usage. 


Oil recyling vs. oil reclamation

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