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Expert Solutions for Power Generation Companies: Turbine Lubrication Services

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Next Generation Services specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to companies in the power generation industry. Our services include removing water from turbine lubricating systems, ensuring the oil remains clean and free from contaminants through turbine oil filtration, removing varnish build-up to maintain system efficiency, and providing on-site particle count to monitor the cleanliness of the oil. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the power generation field and is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our clients. With our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, we are the go-to partner for companies in the power generation industry looking to optimize their turbine lubrication systems.

Water Removal

Water ingression can come from many places. Unfortunately for the turbine’s lubricating system, small amounts of water can be catastrophic. Whether it is a leaking heat exchanger, steam blowing past seals, outside contamination or other forms of ingression water in a turbine oil can spell disaster.

Turbine Oil Filtration

Like water, particulate contamination can lead to expensive and time consuming repairs. By keeping lubricating oils clean, critical equipment components are able to function as designed. With particulate contamination in turbine oil, the life of the system components is drastically reduced.

Varnish Removal

Varnish creates a unique challenge for the power generation industry. While it is a sign of lubricant degradation it can also be a sign of challenges to come. From valves sticking to fine clearances becoming obstructed any signs of varnish should be taken seriously.

Initial Fill Filtration and Transfer

Keeping oil clean, cool and dry is often described as the best way to extend the life of both the lubricant and critical components. The best practice for this starts before oil even enters the reservoir. Next Generation Services can bring new oil within specifications, transfer the oil into your reservoir and provide kidney loop filtration services on that reservoir until the ISO 4406 particle count specification is met and exceeded.

On-Site Particle Count and Water Testing

By testing with equipment on site, Next Generation Services is able to give you a quick answer of the status of your lubricating oil. This equipment is also used during and following filtration and water removal services to ensure the goals set out are being met.

Confined Space Tank Cleaning

Confined Space Tank Cleaning During an oil changeout, following a critical failure, or as a routine maintenance cleaning of the reservoir helps to remove any contaminates that may have momentarily settled. Next Generation Services team is fully certified and experienced in confined space entry.

Case Studies

Our Solutions

Want to minimize downtime, and maximize profitability? Want to make sure your power delivery is there when demand spikes? We can help. We do this by combining the power generation industry experience from our knowledgeable staff with the right equipment. Our equipment ranges from two-wheel carts to full semi-trailers equipped with the tools to remove harmful water and particulate contamination from your system.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL is also an option along with the support from our knowledgeable team.

Technical Information

The commonly accepted ISO 4406 cleanliness level for turbine oils is 16/14/11. However many valve manufacturers recommend even cleaner standards to keep equipment running at optimal levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a variety of equipment, knowledgeable operators and a robust rental fleet, equipment to fit your specific needs is available at a moments notice. Whether equipment is freighted or delivered by Next Generation Services the question is usually “when would you like us to be there”.

While each system can vary from reservoir size, lubricant type, lubricant age and system temperature an estimate is usually able to be given based on this information and oil analysis results. With decades in the industry, Next Generation Services leadership has worked closely with a variety of manufacturers to engineer systems with the highest water removal rates in the industry.

Balancing flow rates, proper suction/return locations and filter selection allows the team at Next Generation Services to efficiently and effectively remove contamination from your lube oil systems. With on-site particle counting, we benefit from both trend analysis and confirmation of cleanliness levels prior to job completion.

It is not uncommon for us to run across customers who have both a need for our services as well as their own equipment on site. A phrase we often use is “let us do the heavy lifting” while your equipment helps maintain dryness and cleanliness levels.