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Fluid Reclamation Services

Are You Pouring Profits Away?

With fluid reclamation services from Next Generation Services, you can save money while investing in a greener tomorrow. 

Fluid Reclamation

Are You Pouring Profits Away?

With fluid reclamation services from Next Generation Services, you can save money while investing in a greener tomorrow. 

Industrial Fluid Reclamation

Extend The Life Of Your Oil

If your business relies on industrial machines or equipment you know that good, clean oil is their lifeblood. Clean oil leads to cleaner processes, a more reliable operation, and prolongs the life of your equipment.  Oil reclamation services provided by Next Generation Services can help you maximize both your equipment’s lifecycle and your oil service life. Ready to reduce your costs?

With our Fluid Reclamation Services We Can Save You 40-60% Of The Cost Versus New Oil.

On/Off-Site Oil Reclamation

What is Oil Reclamation?

Oil reclamation is an environmentally friendly process that often involves filtration, dehydration and readditization to recover the properties of your lubricants and extend their useful life. 

With oil reclamation services from Next Generation Services you can revive your existing oil, saving money, and reduce waste. We’ll take your oil in its existing state and restore your oil’s characteristics to its original performance standards.

The end result? Less waste, reduced new oil consumption and lower operating costs. Wondering if oil reclamation makes sense for you? Reach out to Next Gen Services today!

Our Oil Reclamation Services

Offering Both On-Site and Off-Site Fluid Reclamation Services. Suitable for Reuse / Continued Use

Oil Filtration Services

Don't throw away your oil! With our oil filtration services we can filter out contaminants such as dirt and metal particles. We offer both onsite, and offsite oil filtration services that will bring your oil back to its original performance standards.

Water Removal - Oil Dehydration

Water is one of the most common contaminants in oil. If you have water in your oil, you're at risk of corrosion, increased oxidation and reduced lubrication. With our oil dehydration services, we can remove water and other contaminates from your oil.

Fluid Monitoring

Regular monitoring of your industrial oils and fluids can help prevent disaster. At risk is unscheduled downtime, premature equipment failure, and product inconsistencies. With our fluid monitoring service, you can rest easy while knowing the state of your oil at regular, set intervals.

Confined Space Tank Cleaning

Even with filtration in place, contaminants accumulate in the bottoms of your tanks. If you overlook your reservoirs during the filtration process, you're going to reintroduce contaminants into your system. Our team is highly trained in removing the buildup of contaminants in your reservoirs.

Lubricant Application Consulting

Looking for the best lubricants for your application or environment? Leveraging extensive knowledge of lubricant applications and chemical properties, our lubrication technical consultants can help you get the maximum value and performance out of your investment.

Ask Us About Nationwide Service Through Our Affiliation With NFS (National Fluid Solutions)

Fluid Reclamation - Oil Types

Types of Oils That Can Be Reclaimed

Oil reclamation saves an estimated 40%-60% when compared to replacing your oil with new oil. Using our state of the art oil reclamation technology, equipment and knowledge, these are a few of the oils we can reclaim:

Reclamation Equipment Rental

Fluid Reclamation Rental Equipment

With our state of the art fleet of fluid reclamation rental equipment you now have an affordable option to manage your fluids, maximize your equipment investment, reduce expenses and minimize downtime.

Oil reclamation equipment rental


Ready to start saving? Reduce your oil disposal costs? Spend less time on oil change-outs? See increased machine reliability and uptime?